2009 Kaneville Fest Craft Fair

So. . .the craft show. . .is over.  It was great fun meeting people who were sincerely interested in handmade things that are indeed unique and one of a kind.  I am especially appreciative of everyone who braved the cold and wind and came to see me, and of those who expressed their enthusiasm for original items.  And of course to those who purchased something.  Thank you, Thank you.  (That’s a lot of  “ands”)

Am I going to do another show?  Perhaps.  I have so many new ideas brewing, things I want to try, that I need a venue in which to sell so perhaps I will open a “shop” linked to this blog where people may purchase items.  In addition to journals and hairclips and greeting cards,  I also make jewlery and repurpose thrifted items into updated accessories.

It has long been my dream to simply “make and sell stuff”.    The blogs I have been reading for the past year and a half all have this in common, and with their inspiration, I shall give it a try.  Now that I have a bit more time to devote to creating, and this site with which to share the things I’ve made,  I hope to live this part of my dream.


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A Garden Critter


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Elburn Days


One of my favorite end-of-summer events is to attend Elburn Days.  While as a family we like to go to the carnival and see the animals, and new to me this year, watch the monster truck pull (YIKES!  just a few minutes please) my favorite part of the weekend are the city-wide garage sales.  This is a day my husband is usually happy to sit out and allow my Mother-in-law and I to explore together.  Since we went on a Friday, I wasn’t quite used to our daughter not being with me as she already started school.  All day I found myself reaching for her little hand as I got out of the car, crossed streets, and it just wasn’t there.  You see, she has been my constant companion and lunch date for six years and now she is in first grade.  (Have I said this before?)  I will get used to this.  Someday.

So a little garage sale-ing helped.  The town rumor was that someone had donated 8 truck loads of craft supplies to the church sale, so “go there first,” my Father-in-Law said, along with everyone else.  And yes I do believe there were 8 truck loads and it wasn’t terribly picked over yet.  Just about anything you could imagine in the world of craftiness, including plastic canvas,  was there and I could have spent three days looking.  I grabbed some vintage fabric, trims and appliques.  On my second trip around with the intention of picking up the rest of the box of appliques and some more trim, it was all gone.  All of it.   The picking didn’t take long.

Among other finds:  some handmade ceramic pendants, probably from the ’70s, a very cool copy of Treasure Island,  some vintage linens, old ironstone,  a Joan Walsh Anglund book ( I still have the ones my mom gave me when I was little), and more.

Just as we were leaving town, we swung into a barn sale.  I was drawn to the “free” boxes out front and found an assortment of old wedding decorations in various shades of discoloration.  The sales lady told me a can of spray paint would work to bring those pieces back but I told her they were perfect as is.  She laughed and said the last girl who took some said the same thing.  My favorite thing is the glittered wedding bell, yellowed and all.



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Craft Show Ready

The show is tomorrow and I am ready.  So glad I began working on things to sell early in the summer and not, as I so often have done, at the last minute.  No more all-nighters for this girl.  Actually, much past 10 pm is too late for my brain to function.  Must work on that.

So hoping I didn’t offend any fans of plastic canvas with my last post, as I am certain someone somewhere is making something very cool with said craft supply.  Please share.

And wish me luck.   Hope I sell something, at least one thing.

Enjoy your weekend!

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The little yellow cabinet

So you may have gathered by now, in these very few posts, that I like to make stuff.  And not just  “crafty” stuff.    There are some amazing crafty types whose beautiful blogs  have inspired me to take this blogging plunge and share my humble little items with you in this space.

I like to make lots of things, hopefully useful things, pretty things, meaningful things, tasty things.   Things such as greeting cards, jewelry, mini collages, journals, anything with blueberries.  But perhaps my favorite is to repurpose my many thrifted treasures  to make  new, more useful things.  Though sometimes those thrifty things are just right as is.

Let’s look back at the yellow cabinet from a couple posts ago.  It was actually $6.40 at one of my favorite thrifts and the guy put it in my vehicle.  Such a deal.   It is a child’s clothing cabinet with a hanging bar behind the door.  Since I had been pining after a certain yellow cabinet from IKEA but couldn’t see paying the $300 price tag, this was all good.  However, adult sweaters don’t fit so well.  The drawers are perfect for organizing, by color, fabrics and jewelry making supplies.

Pretty storage, little cost, an afternoon to clean it up.

Happy, happy me

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Why Blog?

Ok, why I blog.

I was ( and still am to a large extent), computer illiterate.  When my husband surprised me with a laptop a year and a half ago, I decided I must learn. something.  Since I was in a MOPS group and on the steering team whose main means of communication was via computer, I realized I should no longer rely on my dear friend bringing me copies of the latest communications (thanks Laura!).   A collective cheer (“About time!”  heard that a lot) went up when I gave the group my e-address.  That was in October 2007.

February 2008  I happily respond, nearly daily, whenever necessary, to my happy little in-box.  Then. . .

Then I linked to an oft read and beloved blog and became an instant fan/daily reader.  So now my blog roll numbers about  50  though I don’t read all of them every day.  But the idea that most of the authors simply wish to share how they create a life,  share their creativity with a larger audience is what motivates me to come back every day to read.  I have learned  so much and read some beautifully written blogs.

So now perhaps someone out there will be interested in my little life here in this spot.  I can’t promise a post a day, but I will share things I’ve made, our garden, a bit of family life here in the Midwest, perhaps a recipe or two, and most definitely my latest thrifty finds.

Hope you come back.

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A Summer Project

This was a weekend project from early  this summer.  I found this dresser in a local thrift store and thought that it was a steal at only $8.00 $6.40. (The husband thought otherwise of course).  I used a razor blade and removed all of the decals except one and I did not strip the paint as I really liked that color.  (The cute pup in the red shorts stayed at my daughter’s request)  I am always looking for more storage space for my plethora of clothes and thought that this would do well in the upstairs bedroom.  It did not fit clothing as well as I had wished and we had to haul it back down the stairs and I am using it to store my fabrics in my craft room.





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A Rose is a Rose

This was one of my favorite plants in the yard, a thornless rose bush.  Sadly,  it only lasted 3 seasons.

Enjoy !!


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Summer is Over II

The pool is down and put away for the year. We only got to use it about 10 times this summer.  Disappointing !!

I will be looking to find a larger pool on sale this fall for next  year and hopefully it will be a warmer summer.

Growing the grass back:



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A Journal Update

These are a few of the designs that I have made for the upcoming craft show 08/29/-08/30 in Kaneville.


These are the journals covered with wallpaper.   I am still working on some more whimsical designs, (but I need to get lots more double stick tape!!)






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