Why Blog?

Ok, why I blog.

I was ( and still am to a large extent), computer illiterate.  When my husband surprised me with a laptop a year and a half ago, I decided I must learn. something.  Since I was in a MOPS group and on the steering team whose main means of communication was via computer, I realized I should no longer rely on my dear friend bringing me copies of the latest communications (thanks Laura!).   A collective cheer (“About time!”  heard that a lot) went up when I gave the group my e-address.  That was in October 2007.

February 2008  I happily respond, nearly daily, whenever necessary, to my happy little in-box.  Then. . .

Then I linked to an oft read and beloved blog and became an instant fan/daily reader.  So now my blog roll numbers about  50  though I don’t read all of them every day.  But the idea that most of the authors simply wish to share how they create a life,  share their creativity with a larger audience is what motivates me to come back every day to read.  I have learned  so much and read some beautifully written blogs.

So now perhaps someone out there will be interested in my little life here in this spot.  I can’t promise a post a day, but I will share things I’ve made, our garden, a bit of family life here in the Midwest, perhaps a recipe or two, and most definitely my latest thrifty finds.

Hope you come back.

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