Last Sunday Morning’s Flowers

Rock climbing was such fun.  Injury free.  Photos soon.

I just have to mention that the flower photos posted a couple days ago by my husband are just so beautiful, some of the prettiest he’s ever taken.  Of course I like the close up detail of dew drops and the subtle feathering of color on a tulip petal.  The first photo is a  bluey-green hand blown glass ball hanging amongst the daylilies. Go see for yourself though.  Double click on each image to see the detail.  I think these are breathtaking.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Today’s Workout

Since my broken elbow, which happened in an unfortunate New Year’s Eve twirling incident (iceskating,remember?), I have shoveled more snow than I can recall, gone roller skating with 300 of my favorite elementary students and their parents (wiped out there too) and begun training for a triathalon.

Just kidding.  But I had you, didn’t I?

Today there is no school(:o),  so we are going rock climbing.  I’ll check in tomorrow, injury free.

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Sunday Morning Flowers

Just a few photos from the yard:

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Happy May Day

Remember the days of making and delivering  May baskets?  Mine were most often made out of a (clean) plastic butter dish with ribbon handles tied to the sides and filled with whatever wild flowers were blooming in our yard, usually violets and dandelions.  Yes, weeds, but to a six year old they were/are beautiful and no one would get angry if you picked those.  Sometimes you were lucky enough to have lilacs blooming like this year.  And though the next-door-neighbors on either side knew who they were from, it still held a bit of magic when you’d hang it on their door, ring the bell and run home to peek out the window to see their face when they saw it.  Do you still do this, perhaps with your children?  I am thinking we will make and deliver a couple today.

I cannot even believe it is May and that Mother’s Day and graduations are just around the corner.  If you are in need of a gift, visit my shop (click on the link on my sidebar) and choose a handmade journal perfect for Mom, graduate, bride, or for recording your summer adventures.  There are also some lovely bracelets and hair clips, the perfect summer accessory.  And if I know you from the FES playground, I will hand deliver your purchase with a smile.  Thus, no shipping.

Have a lovely weekend!

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