Give Thanks Bunting

I made three of these “Give Thanks” buntings last year to give as gifts.  Except, only two of them actually were given away.  This one hangs in our dining room windows.  I had to split the words because our sweet old home has smallish windows.  All the fabrics, buttons, thread and ribbon are from my stash and were thrifted.  The orange glitter letters came from Micheals



Fun and easy, straight line sewing.  Each flag is  double sided so it is pretty from the back as well.  I made a much smaller scale, very girlie bunting for our daughter’s room.


Think I need to make some more.

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I have only recently begun to experiment and try new foods that are spicy/hot.  Usually for me, any thing more then putting two twists of the pepper mill on my food would have been “crazy”!!

A few weeks ago I took a day off of work because I had a gift certificate from WBIG 1280 for an Indian restaurant. The gift certificate was for buffet for two at Indian Harvest.  The first thing that they brought to out table was Tandoori Chicken.  Now, the smell of the dish was overwhelming.  Indian food is definitely an acquired taste.  The chicken itself was very good.  I tried almost everything that was on the buffet table and I found that most of the food was “good”.  I didn’t get too excited about the whole experience, but at least now that I have tried Indian food, I may go back and try ordering something off the menu.

Back to the wasabi……

I have eaten three time now at Ju Rin.  I think I may have about 4 or 5 real “sushi moments” in my dining life. (The sushi you buy in grocery stores doesn’t really count)  Each time that I have eaten at Ju Rin, while being a good experience, I have always felt a little disappointed with the menu items.  I have not though been disappointed at all with the sushi and sashimi !!!!

Now, the good thing a bout the wasabi is that unlike peppers, there is no lingering damage!!!.  You can take a big enough bite of the wasabi to clear your sinuses and melt your hair form the inside out, but in a few moments, it’s gone.

Counting the days until the next sushi trip !!

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Summer is over (again!!)

OK.  I said summer was over before.  Last weekend was a splendid one weatherwise.  I would have prefered to have waited until this weekend to do “The Last Mow”, but I didn’t want to take a chance with  future weather.  I was able to get away with not raking the leaves, but just mow/mulch/bag’em.  I also had to run the mower out of gas, and wouldn’t you know that when you want the mower to run out of gas, it won’t!!!


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Some More Thoughts For Your Journal, Part II

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I’ve had many requests for my handmade journals to give as gifts, wine journals, prayer journals, memory journals.   Scroll back a couple weeks and read about the journal given to a friend’s grandmother shortly before she passed away. (Journal Thoughts) You can read excerpts hand-written, unedited except for her own scratching out, lovingly captured on paper for her family to treasure, and they certainly do.

Here are some additional leading questions to ask in just such a memory type journal.   Again I apologize for not knowing the source as I copied the list of interesting questions years ago from somewhere so I could use them in journals given to my own family members.   They go a little beyond the “favorites” type questions (color, food, holiday, etc.) which can say so much, but get a bit more personal.

:  What would you say is the most inportant part of your life right now?

:  What is somethng you wish you could do everyday?

:  What phrases do you say every day that are unique to your personality?

:What are your favorite words to live by?

:  Do you pray?

:  Have you ever been to a place that made you feel closer to heaven?

:  What ten things do you almost always buy when you go to the grocery store?

:  What have you wondered about from time to time when you were a child that you still have not learned the answer   to?

:  What character traits and talents do you think you passed on to your children?

:  What unique traits do each of your children possess?

:  Explain the kind of love that you feel for your children.

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The Compost Pile

I mowed the lawn last week and did the leaves as well with the mower.

I suspect I may have to mow one more time to at least run the mower out of gas for the season……….



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