It Was Such Fun

Thank you so very much to everyone who attended my Christmas Open House this past weekend.  Many of you know I have been working toward this event for a while, creating some handmade goodies for you to give as gifts or keep for yourself.  And this weekend was the big reveal.  Since I never posted a preview last week as promised, this will be a sneak peak for Christmas in Kaneville, December 4th.  So much to see so grab a cup of something warm and take a few minutes to see what I’ve been working on.

Greeting cards, where the whole handmade adventure began for me.

A few autumn and harvest inspired things.  The playing card garlands have found happy homes.

Some whimsical, girly things.  Oooh, kind of blurry.

Lovely French inspired greetings.


Vintage sheet music and china.

A pear tree.  No partridge.

Hairpins and bracelets.  Vintage button rings too.

Repurposed children’s blocks.

Pretty things and glittery things.



Journals, flower pens, art collages, gift tins.

And many one-of-a-kind art pieces.

As you can see I love to make things.  And chances are good that if you receive a gift from me it will be handmade.  My hope is that you, dear reader, will give something handmade this holiday season, perhaps you’ve made, or even something I’ve made.  And though you will likely have to purchase supplies for whatever it is you make, you will know that the end result is a gift that is original, one-of-a-kind and heartfelt.


Happy Tuesday!

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Some More Thoughts For Your Journal, Part II

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I’ve had many requests for my handmade journals to give as gifts, wine journals, prayer journals, memory journals.   Scroll back a couple weeks and read about the journal given to a friend’s grandmother shortly before she passed away. (Journal Thoughts) You can read excerpts hand-written, unedited except for her own scratching out, lovingly captured on paper for her family to treasure, and they certainly do.

Here are some additional leading questions to ask in just such a memory type journal.   Again I apologize for not knowing the source as I copied the list of interesting questions years ago from somewhere so I could use them in journals given to my own family members.   They go a little beyond the “favorites” type questions (color, food, holiday, etc.) which can say so much, but get a bit more personal.

:  What would you say is the most inportant part of your life right now?

:  What is somethng you wish you could do everyday?

:  What phrases do you say every day that are unique to your personality?

:What are your favorite words to live by?

:  Do you pray?

:  Have you ever been to a place that made you feel closer to heaven?

:  What ten things do you almost always buy when you go to the grocery store?

:  What have you wondered about from time to time when you were a child that you still have not learned the answer   to?

:  What character traits and talents do you think you passed on to your children?

:  What unique traits do each of your children possess?

:  Explain the kind of love that you feel for your children.

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A Journal Update

These are a few of the designs that I have made for the upcoming craft show 08/29/-08/30 in Kaneville.

These are the journals covered with wallpaper.   I am still working on some more whimsical designs, (but I need to get lots more double stick tape!!)






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