Six Year Olds Say the Funniest Things

Said she, “I can’t do that right now.  I have toast in my eye!”

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No Broken Anything. . .

. . . on anyone.

Last night was our daughter’s school skate night at a local roller rink and we had a great time.  No broken arms, wrists, hips, elbows 😉  And yes, I did skate.  Had nervous wobble legs for a time but that went away.  Our daughter did great and even ventured away from the safety of the carpeted bumper walls and into a very fast traffic pattern of so many elementary school kids zooming around the rink.  Mr. PKW,  is an excellent skater so hopefully she’ll pick it up from him more than from me.  I am much happier on ice skates, remember?  But, alas, I wiped out, right in front of the stadium seating of moms not skating, who all said,  “that’s why we DON”T have on skates.”  So I gracefully composed myself, sat with them a bit and then got back out there.  Because that’s what you are supposed to do, right?

Ok, think I’m ready for some rock climbing.

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Easter Ham

OK, this is late and it wasn’t our Easter ham.  Jewel-Osco had a deal with a coupon for $8.00 off a ham and we bought a $10.00 ham.  Out of pocket, 2 bucks !!!

I  ( Paula’s husband) was on vacation Easter/Spring Break week and I put this ham on the grill on the Wednesday before Easter.  Also, for the first time I mad split pea soup with the ham bone.

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