Snow Day #2

I must say that I was rather looking forward to a couple midweek days of stay in your jammies activity.    There was so much snow we could barely get out of the house.  And the shovel was in the garage anyway so we had to go out.

The dog, remember, he’s a dachshund so his belly is pretty close to the ground on a good day anyway, forged a path through the low spots between the drifts next to the garage.  Lost him for a minute.

Then he popped up by the compost pile and obviously did not want to make the trek back.  So I had to rescue him.

Time for something warm, usually reserved for weekend breakfast, but since we have time. . . .

Lots of time to play outside,

And inside.

Time for a little crafting too.

Hope you are safe and warm too!

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Holiday Shop Craft Show

I am so very excited to be participating in the very first Freeman Elementary School Holiday Shop Craft Show.  Located at the school, you can shop this Friday, December 10 from 3pm until 7pm and Saturday, December 11 from 9am until 4pm.  There will be lots of handmade goodness and holiday cheer to share so stop in and visit.    There is no admission fee and the show is open to the public.  Hope to see you!

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First Snow

Just a light dusting really.

Enough to remind us of garden colors and textures long hidden during the growing season.

A message to a few still growing herbs that winter is coming.  It was . . .


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Christmas In Kaneville

This is the weekend, Saturday, December 4th,  for the village’s annual celebration which includes a bake sale, horse drawn wagon rides and of course a craft sale.  I will be there, in the Community Center, just look for my “Handmade” bunting.  If you want a sneak peek at what I will bring this year, go back a couple posts to see what was at my Open House.  I will also have some new things that weren’t there.  Gotta keep things exciting and fresh you know!

Also  available  will be the book my husband researched and self-published.  It is a gathering of Kaneville news from the years 1900-1904 from the then titled,  Aurora Daily Beacon.

It contains weekly news, over those four years, of daily life in Kaneville.   I am sure that you will recognize names and stories and events, some which have probably passed into the folklore of the town.  History, development, change and growth are all here.   And now, 110 years later, you may find that maybe a few things haven’t changed.

Had to put down my crochet.  There is news of birth and death, illnesses we don’t see anymore, barn dances and farm injuries.  Talk of church services attended, oyster suppers, gatherings to play carom, the price of butterine,  the proud decoration of houses, descriptions of the earliest Decoration Day gatherings.  One of my favorite entries is of a gentleman who ” has an elegant new engine and it is currently reported he loves it almost as well as his wife.  It has a bell, a fierce whistle, a cab, a place for a bed and many other wonderful things for a steam thresher engine to have.”  If you’ve been reading here a while you know my fascination with these old steam engines.

Now I need a cup of coffee because I may be here a while.  The language is charming.  For “no one needed to complain of ennui or monotony for want of a place to go on Monday night.”  Oooh, now I want to know what they did and where they went, on Monday night.  The news and events and weather reports are poignant.  Names are familiar.  Places ring a bell though many no longer exist, but I’ve heard the stories.

Kaneville, 1900-1904, (151 pages), will be available for sale as bound copy at my PK Handmade table this Saturday.  It would make a  great gift or conversation starter for your family gatherings this holiday season.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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It Was Such Fun

Thank you so very much to everyone who attended my Christmas Open House this past weekend.  Many of you know I have been working toward this event for a while, creating some handmade goodies for you to give as gifts or keep for yourself.  And this weekend was the big reveal.  Since I never posted a preview last week as promised, this will be a sneak peak for Christmas in Kaneville, December 4th.  So much to see so grab a cup of something warm and take a few minutes to see what I’ve been working on.

Greeting cards, where the whole handmade adventure began for me.

A few autumn and harvest inspired things.  The playing card garlands have found happy homes.

Some whimsical, girly things.  Oooh, kind of blurry.

Lovely French inspired greetings.


Vintage sheet music and china.

A pear tree.  No partridge.

Hairpins and bracelets.  Vintage button rings too.

Repurposed children’s blocks.

Pretty things and glittery things.



Journals, flower pens, art collages, gift tins.

And many one-of-a-kind art pieces.

As you can see I love to make things.  And chances are good that if you receive a gift from me it will be handmade.  My hope is that you, dear reader, will give something handmade this holiday season, perhaps you’ve made, or even something I’ve made.  And though you will likely have to purchase supplies for whatever it is you make, you will know that the end result is a gift that is original, one-of-a-kind and heartfelt.


Happy Tuesday!

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Still. Working.

Oh, stay with me here.  I’d hoped to have some photos of what I’ve been working on.  My Christmas Open House is this Saturday and there is so much to share.  Perhaps I’ll have something this afternoon, so please check back!

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Hard At Work

Getting ready for three holiday shows and fininshing up some special orders.  Come back next week for a sneek peek at what I’ve been working on.


Until then, have a lovely weekend!

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Happy Halloween Cat



This is Linus, or Lucy. . .or Lucky.  Found a good place to curl up after the apples were emptied from the bushel basket to make cider.


Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend!

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Bunco For Breast Cancer

Last night I attended this amazing annual fund-raiser for breast cancer research.  My mother-in-law has treated us, (this year our group consisted of one of her daughters and three daughters-in-law) to this evening out for the last four years  and it has become an evening I look forward to each October.  Thank you S!  Last night, in a room full of pink shirts, pink hair, and pink cupcakes, about 150 women played bunco, listened to stories of survival and loss, remembered those no longer with us, ate and so generously gave their time and money for this cause.   And after all the fun came the raffles.

Now, I usually never win, anything, even when everyone is guaranteed at least a door prize.  I have a long history of not winning.  But this year made up for it.  I won two raffles!

First, I won a beautiful planter and a gift card from Blumen Gardens in Sycamore.    Isn’t it lovely?  Everyone in our group even said it is so me.  (Of course I did drop several tickets in the bag hoping to increase my odds.  It worked!)  I was thrilled and can not wait to visit and shop.  Thank you Blumen Gardens!

Shortly after that they called my name again and this time I won this beautiful handmade necklace.  (Again I dropped several tickets in the bucket hoping to win.  Guess it worked again.)

It is a lovely soldered image of a bird, made by Kathy Semrick of Handcrafted from the Heart.  The box is beautiful too.  And I have to say I think I squealed in front of all those women to see I’d won this too!

This more than made up for a long string of not winning.  But more important than bringing home a prize is that 100% of the money raised at the event through donations, entrance fees, and the purchase of raffle tickets, goes directly to breast cancer research.

And look at the sweet little heart cookie I brought home for my daughter.

Oh wait, that’s not a heart.  It took me a while.  Just darling, though to my seven year old, it can be a beautiful little heart.

Have a lovely weekend!

Fun Fair Basket

This is the second year I have donated a collection of handmade goodness to the Freeman Elementary Fun Fair.  What a fun way to give back to the school I attended and that our daughter now attends.   The name of this collection is “Autumn Memories.”  Take a look at what I’ve created.

Here you see a sewn fabric bunting, perfect to decorate your mantle,

or to hang over a window.  Sorry the photo is dark but I think you get the idea.

Some candles for your table and a decorated box of matches,

Handmade cards to send Thanksgiving greetings,

A journal and photo album to record family memories,

A pretty photo frame,

And a little sign for your door or to add to a wreath.

This is basket #54 (Autumn Memories by PK Handmade) if you are purchasing raffle tickets.   The Freeman Fun Fair is the largest fund raiser for the school and there are some amazing baskets being offered again this year, so go ahead and buy a $1 ticket, you just may win!

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