Our Puppy

Meet Oliver.

EOS_Oliver_0019Oliver Wendall  is our 16 month old dachshund and has been with us for one year.  And, oh my, what a year.

EOS_Oliver_0032Isn’t he sweet?!!  Just look at those eyes.  And the “handsome dashes,” as our daughter calls them, above those eyes.

EOS_Oliver_0056Yes, Ollie, you can sit in the chair.

EOS_Oliver_0073And you can sleep on my arm when I use the computer too.

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The “Bacon Matt”

Several weeks ago, we were watching the Travel Channel, and we saw a recipe that involved a homemade sausage that was held together with a “bacon wrap”.  I was joking at work with a gentleman about the unlimited possible uses for a “bacon mat”.  We came up with all sorts of possibilities of what it could be used for.  Just for fun,  I thought that I would try and make a bacon mat. (It involves frying and eating bacon, so what’s the downside????)  The first thing is that You need a very large frying pan.





It ended up working.

I found an excessively decadent recipe for a sausage and bacon !!!!!!!!!


I suggest that you have your cardiologist on speed dial if you make and eat this !!

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Some More Thoughts For Your Journal

Still thinking of my friend’s journal from the previous post and the questions she hoped her grandmother would write about.  Years ago I’d read in a booklet that contains just the kind of questions to ask, “Life’s most important lessons are carefully preserved in the human heart and mind.”  Jotted that down along with some of the most interesting questions.  Here are some of them.

*What special quality do you remember about your mother?  Father?

*Did you have any childhood collections?

*What kind of funny old wives tales did your elders try to teach you?

*As a child, how much did a loaf of bread, a candy bar, a gallon of gas each cost?

*What traditional events were held in your community when you were a child?

*What lessons did you learn from making a mistake as a child?

*What did your parents teach you without ever saying a word about it?

*Who taught you to spell your name?

*What fads did you participate in growing up?

I have a few more but I will save those for another post.  Wish I could remember from where I copied them because I am sure there are so many more good ones.

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Some Thoughts For Your Journal

A couple weeks ago a friend shared with me how she used her journal.  Last Christmas she gifted it to her grandmother along with a list of questions, simple things about memories of growing up, where she lived, favorite food, flower, book, song.  Many responses were just a couple of words, “Corn on the cob”, “All flowers”, “Book of Acts”, “Amazing Grace”. Very telling things about a generation that our children will only know through written and spoken history.


As I read the journal, with my friend’s permission to do so and to share some pages with you, I was so moved by the idea that, as her Grandmother wrote those 71 pages in the months before she passed away in February, she relived so many memories of her life.  Things she probably had not thought of in years, but with one question I imagine a whole flood of memories came forth.  Her responses became stories, in her own handwriting, narrating her life as she remembered it at 81 years of age.


There are memories of Christmas gifts, (“an apple, an orange, and a harmonica”),  harvest times, best little girlfriends.  Page 16 tells of a favorite climbing tree, (If you click on it you can read the whole story)  and page 18, of the outdoor shower her father made behind the farmhouse.  Memories of farm kitchens and orchards in summertime, parties, swimming  in the creek and camping trips.  Lovely thoughts of her lifetime.

old_journal_003My favorite though, are the words she used as she wrote page 71 to describe her first date with the man she would marry.  See if you can read them too.

old_journal_004My friend reads the journal to her three daughters before bed each night.  Such a treasure.  Thank you friend, for letting me share it here in this space.

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Monday Night Pizza

We don’t usually go to all the work to make pizza on a week night but Monday we did.  I guess it felt like a Sunday since we didn’t have school (Columbus Day).  So, as you can see, we each have our own preferences when it comes to toppings.  Little P chose traditional red sauce, sausage and mozz.  My half has no red sauce, but instead,  minced garlic topped with chopped cherry tomatoes and mozz.  When it comes out of the oven I sprinkle it with julienned basil.  Pizza Margherita I guess.  These were the very last fresh basil leaves of the season, picked the day before the night we got that nasty frost.


Pizza_02After all that, Little P decided she liked my half better than hers and helped me eat it too.  Expanding those taste buds.

**And as you can read, this post is a week late:)

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Yes I’ll admit I am an unabashed curbside hunter for treasures.  You know what they say, “One man’s . . .”  .  A couple weeks ago we were driving home from a day at the farm when I spied a pile of stuff at the curb after someone’s garage sale, all neatly arrayed on blankets.  What wasn’t taken that evening would have been in the garbage can by morning.  As I pulled up my husband saw this huge brown book.  (I saw the pink cashmere sweater.  Yes, really, a curbside cashmere sweater)  It, the book that is, is in pretty bad condition but it was too cool to not bring home.  It is a medical book published in 1899 with illustrations, 1999 pages and is 5 inches thick.


In contrast, the little book is a Methodist hymnal from 1865 (found at an estate sale, more later) with 719 tiny pages



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Another Project Finished !!!

This was a little something that my husband grabbed from the curb about a month ago,  (check out those cobbies around the bottom) .   It is an Art Deco-ish dresser with brass colonial style pulls.  Since it was stained, it was pretty easy to strip  down to the bare wood and give  a coat of paint.  Bought a quart of paint at  Lowes that was only $5.00 since it was something another customer ordered, but didn’t buy.  Think it may be my new favorite color to paint curbside finds, kind of a warm grey.   Found  new drawer pulls at a discount outlet store that has odds and ends of cabinets and windows and such.  They were  $1.00 each.


Dresser_101AFTER :

Dresser_100Now. . .do I need another dresser?

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FROST !!!!!!

We had a “killing ” Frost last night.

So that will put an end to the tomatoes, basil and squash.



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A Project Finished !!




IMG_2109Ahhh, much better.  I lined the drawers with a pretty pink swirled wallpaper, not vintage but it looks like marbellized Italian paper.  It now happily stores a vast array of clothes that were otherwise toppled over awaiting a home.

Onto the next project, most likely a thrifted night stand that needs to be painted for our daughter’s room.  She has been asking for one and since I no longer worry about her falling out of bed and clunking her head on it, I think she is ready.

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