Holiday Shop Craft Show

I am so very excited to be participating in the very first Freeman Elementary School Holiday Shop Craft Show.  Located at the school, you can shop this Friday, December 10 from 3pm until 7pm and Saturday, December 11 from 9am until 4pm.  There will be lots of handmade goodness and holiday cheer to share so stop in and visit.    There is no admission fee and the show is open to the public.  Hope to see you!

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Christmas In Kaneville

This is the weekend, Saturday, December 4th,  for the village’s annual celebration which includes a bake sale, horse drawn wagon rides and of course a craft sale.  I will be there, in the Community Center, just look for my “Handmade” bunting.  If you want a sneak peek at what I will bring this year, go back a couple posts to see what was at my Open House.  I will also have some new things that weren’t there.  Gotta keep things exciting and fresh you know!

Also  available  will be the book my husband researched and self-published.  It is a gathering of Kaneville news from the years 1900-1904 from the then titled,  Aurora Daily Beacon.

It contains weekly news, over those four years, of daily life in Kaneville.   I am sure that you will recognize names and stories and events, some which have probably passed into the folklore of the town.  History, development, change and growth are all here.   And now, 110 years later, you may find that maybe a few things haven’t changed.

Had to put down my crochet.  There is news of birth and death, illnesses we don’t see anymore, barn dances and farm injuries.  Talk of church services attended, oyster suppers, gatherings to play carom, the price of butterine,  the proud decoration of houses, descriptions of the earliest Decoration Day gatherings.  One of my favorite entries is of a gentleman who ” has an elegant new engine and it is currently reported he loves it almost as well as his wife.  It has a bell, a fierce whistle, a cab, a place for a bed and many other wonderful things for a steam thresher engine to have.”  If you’ve been reading here a while you know my fascination with these old steam engines.

Now I need a cup of coffee because I may be here a while.  The language is charming.  For “no one needed to complain of ennui or monotony for want of a place to go on Monday night.”  Oooh, now I want to know what they did and where they went, on Monday night.  The news and events and weather reports are poignant.  Names are familiar.  Places ring a bell though many no longer exist, but I’ve heard the stories.

Kaneville, 1900-1904, (151 pages), will be available for sale as bound copy at my PK Handmade table this Saturday.  It would make a  great gift or conversation starter for your family gatherings this holiday season.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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It Was Such Fun

Thank you so very much to everyone who attended my Christmas Open House this past weekend.  Many of you know I have been working toward this event for a while, creating some handmade goodies for you to give as gifts or keep for yourself.  And this weekend was the big reveal.  Since I never posted a preview last week as promised, this will be a sneak peak for Christmas in Kaneville, December 4th.  So much to see so grab a cup of something warm and take a few minutes to see what I’ve been working on.

Greeting cards, where the whole handmade adventure began for me.

A few autumn and harvest inspired things.  The playing card garlands have found happy homes.

Some whimsical, girly things.  Oooh, kind of blurry.

Lovely French inspired greetings.


Vintage sheet music and china.

A pear tree.  No partridge.

Hairpins and bracelets.  Vintage button rings too.

Repurposed children’s blocks.

Pretty things and glittery things.



Journals, flower pens, art collages, gift tins.

And many one-of-a-kind art pieces.

As you can see I love to make things.  And chances are good that if you receive a gift from me it will be handmade.  My hope is that you, dear reader, will give something handmade this holiday season, perhaps you’ve made, or even something I’ve made.  And though you will likely have to purchase supplies for whatever it is you make, you will know that the end result is a gift that is original, one-of-a-kind and heartfelt.


Happy Tuesday!

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Thrifted Bling

Thought I would share a collection of thrifted costume jewelry pieces I bought at the thrift store a few weeks ago so you could see the “before”, before I use them in various projects.  The whole bag was less than three dollars.  It included couple very cool pieces like the top hat and cane and the four leaf clover.



I will use them on some holiday gift packaging and Christmas ornaments, and a couple will be added to some necklaces I’ve been working on.  Hopefully they will be available for my upcoming holiday open house and craft shows.


Happy Monday!

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Thank You From My Heart

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited me at Kaneville Fest last weekend.  It was great fun to see familiar faces and to meet many new visitors who appreciate handmade items.  I hope to get into a holiday show or two and there will be another PK Handmade Open House in November.  I will keep you posted on dates and times.  Now that I’ve taken a few days to unwind and catch up on some home work, I am feeling inspired again and ready to shift into this beautiful fall season.

But first I thought I’d share the results of the day P and I spent crafting with air dry clay.  After rolling the clay to a thickness of about 1/4 inch, I cut out a shape with a cookie cutter.  Then I impressed a variety of textured items into it.

This is a thrifted crochet doilie.

Upholstery ribbing.

The handle of an antique spoon.

The arms of a starfish.

Half the fun was finding textural things to use.  These will be framed in a shadow box  when I find the right one.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

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Craft Show Sneak Peak, Part II

I am ready and patiently waiting.  The weather forecast is good.  And I have many new PK Handmade things to share with you.

Here, bracelets in all colors.  Earrings too.

And button rings just for fun.

There will also be playing-card garlands.  For those of you have seen these before, they go fasty fast.  Plus some new card designs and unique gift items.  And of course  journals for recording your child’s school year or upcoming holiday memories and hair clips in new Autumn designs.  But I can’t show you everything now.  For that you will have to visit me at Kaneville Fest this Saturday (by the Community Center) or Sunday (by the historic buildings), August 28 and 29.  And tell me you read the blog.  I’d love to meet you!

Hope to see you!

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I Make Things

Many of you have been asking what I’ve been making lately.  So I shall give you a peek.

These were so very popular at my two holiday shows I decided to make some of these over-sized ornaments, pretty, floral, and feminine.  So nice to hang on a doorknob, in a window, on a wreath.  Or you may choose to tie it onto a gift and write a message on the back as you would a greeting card.

This is a tiny shadow box made of repurposed items.  Cute and sweet.

New card designs, always needed, always a favorite, to be sent, or kept and framed for yourself.

Small gift boxes, perfect for giving  jewelry or sweets.  Holds a gift card perfectly.

So please come visit me in my cozy little PK Handmade craft booth at Kaneville Days, August 28 and 29, (more info to come).  You can see these lovelies as well as a few surprises.

Happy Friday!

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I Do Make Things

You are probably wondering, where does the ‘handmade’ come into this blog?   So I shall share a birthday gift we made and gave to a seven year old girl recently.  This is a canvas tote onto which I sewed her initial cut from a vintage pillow case (ah, see, handmade and  vintage), added a piece of old lace, some buttons and a big bow in her favorite color.  So pretty.

Inside were more handmades: a journal, flowery pen, bracelet, hairclips.  And stickers, always stickers.  This bag is the perfect size for going to the library and bringing home your favorite summertime reads.  Or for carrying your journal and pen outside to sit under your favorite tree and write a bit.  Then hang it on your bedpost until you need it next.

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The Yarn Bag

Every January I make a list of very modest goals I hope to achieve in the coming year.  Last year I did pretty well.  On the list this year is to learn to crochet because I so want to make many of the cool things I’ve seen around the blog world (fingerless gloves, granny squares, scarves and so much more).

The last time mom and dad had a garage sale my mom decided to part with her stash of wool spools and wooden beads, patterns from when she used to make clothes for me as a child,  felt from craft projects long passed.  We traded for a year’s worth of handmade greeting cards, though I did let the wooden beads slip away.  And may I just say that old craft felt is so much better than the stuff that is out there now.  The colors were amazing and it was even thicker.  Projects to come.

Back to the wool yarn.  There used to be an amazing yarn shop just around the corner from where we live, long since gone, that stocked much of what mom used for her projects.  Many she gave as gifts, others she sold at craft shows.  Hmm, this apple really didn’t fall far.  I remember going in that shop with her and thinking, some day when I’m all grown up I will shop at cool yarn shops and fabric shops and because I will be an adult, I will magically know what to do with it all.  As a kid my purchases leaned more toward Mrs. Grossman’s stickers and paper-by-the-pound (remember that stuff?)

This is the stash, in a shopping bag from about 1979 or there abouts, when THE MALL opened in our area.  That thing looked like a flying saucer landed in a field surrounded by these eerie tall parking lot lights.  As we drove over the hill and first saw the thing, that was what was fresh in our minds, a “Close Encounter”.  The mall had such lovely stores like Marshall Fields and Lord and Taylor, with the creakiest parquet floor, and Scandinavian Design.  Of course the mall area has changed immensely, but it used to be cool to say you were going to the mall.  Now I avoid it at all costs.  (I’d rather go to the thrift store!)  And that cute little Fox in the jaunty red hunting suit isn’t even around anymore.

So here’s the stash of wool.  Think I’ll start with the other stuff below.

What should I make first?

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Vintage Glittered Bells

Remember the thrifty goodies I wrote of finding a couple weeks ago?  Here is another happy find.  But first there is a pre-story story.  Last summer my mother in law and I made our annual Elburn Days garage sale trek and at our very last stop I found one vintage glitter wedding bell in a box of “free stuff” and of course it came home with me.  It is so pretty and slightly yellowed with age, just the way I like it.

Then a couple weeks ago, the same week I found the seam binding and other assorted goodies, so I imagine someone cleaned out Aunt Mabel’s home and she used to be a wedding planner back in the fifties, because I found a bag of , uh, several of these bells.  I do have plans for them, oh yes.  Perhaps part of next years craft show collection, so stay tuned.

And last week I found this large Christmas glitter bell with all it’s plastic greenery and glitter doves.  So pretty.

Have a lovely weekend!

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