Sometimes It’s Just Fun To Color

Loving all the color-it-yourself crafty stuff for kids these days.  We bought these canvas pencil cases at Micheals but we’ve also seen backpacks, book covers, lunchboxes and a mom on the playground wearing a graphic black and white t-shirt who hoped her kids wouldn’t think to color it in.

To color these we used Sharpee markers.  First, though, we put the plastic wrapper the pencil case came in, inside to keep the marker from bleeding through and staining the other side.  These will be the perfect gift along with some fabric markers and a journal for all those girly birthday parties we have coming up.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Little Hands Working

Such. . .


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And Sometimes We Make Things Together

It was her idea to get out the Air-Dry Clay a couple days ago.  First we gathered our supplies: cookie cutters, play-doh tools, rolling pins, a crochet doilie.

Then we set to work.  Notice the ‘we’.  Yes I had to join in too so away went the computer, or book, or grocery list, what ever I was working on at the time.  This is my favorite kind of creating, no rules, no time limits.  The only thing you need is your imagination.  She had very specific ideas about what to make and to whom she would give the finished product.

I used cookie cutters and added texture with lace, shells, silverware, burlap.  Sometimes I need a day to get back to the basics, play with simple supplies and see where it takes me.  Now I want to make more, with my youthful muse by my side of course.

That was fun.  Thanks P!

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She Makes Things Too

Sitting at the dining room table, on the living room rug, or the cool wood floor,  P likes to make things too.

Tiny painted canvas and a fabric pencil case that you can color in yourself.

A book of the prettiest stickers, stuck to paper, carefully trimmed and used with her dolls.

Watercolors and beaded key chains.

And a recently rediscovered tablet of colored paper.  As you can clearly see here, she was making traffic signs.

This week we also had a “visit” to the eye doctor, complete with those little paddles they use to cover your eye and one very blurry eye chart.  At our house, Scotch Tape is an art supply.  She has an imagination, this girl of mine.

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Welcome Blue Sky

So good to see you friend.  I’ve missed you.  What, you ask,  have I been up to during these cold grey days of January?

Well,  firstly I have been “nursing” a broken arm which I acquired just as 2009 was being ushered out.  Yes, yes, I was ice skating with my daughter, watching that beautiful amazing moonrise and found myself face down on the ice.  I quickly popped up and tried to shake it off but knew something was not quite shakeable.  Spent the evening with an icepack and pillow and visited the doctor on Jan 1 who confirmed the break.  Since it is right at the bend of my elbow and because I am not a risk taking teen, the orthopede felt it best not to cast it.  Woo Hoo!  So that has meant no more skating (which I may have been tempted to do with a cast), or rock climbing, sledding, scone making, or shoveling(!).  It’s ok really but perhaps making melon balls (cateloupe in January, Yum!) last night was not a good idea, what with the twisting and all.

I have been reading a bit more, making lists of recipes to try, crafts to start.  Watched Julie and Julia on DVD,  (Love, love, love it!)  and a fair amount of ice skating on TV.  And yesterday I taught myself to crochet.  I can make a great bookmark, remember those twisty caterpillars from the ’70s?  I even have a ball of the same yarn with which my grandma first taught me all those years ago.    And I have recently become obsessed with the yarn aisle at the craft store.  Oh to crochet something with those beautiful variegated sock yarns!

Yes, yes.  I have plans for 2010.  How about you?

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Vintage Seambinding

Oooh.  .  . look what I found at one of my favorite thriftys a couple weeks ago,  22 rolls of vintage seambinding.   For those of you who enjoy such things, you can imagine my excitement.  All yummy colors (just look at that chartruese!) and many put to use already.  They just don’t make things the way they used to and lets not talk about the price of just a couple yards of the stuff.  (Remember my rant about buying fresh basil in December?!?)


There were a few more happy, happy finds lately but you’ll have to come back to see those.

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Give Thanks Bunting

I made three of these “Give Thanks” buntings last year to give as gifts.  Except, only two of them actually were given away.  This one hangs in our dining room windows.  I had to split the words because our sweet old home has smallish windows.  All the fabrics, buttons, thread and ribbon are from my stash and were thrifted.  The orange glitter letters came from Micheals



Fun and easy, straight line sewing.  Each flag is  double sided so it is pretty from the back as well.  I made a much smaller scale, very girlie bunting for our daughter’s room.


Think I need to make some more.

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Vintage Quilt Pieces

A couple years ago I bought these five quilt stars at a garage sale for just a few dollars.  I suspect the fabrics used to make them are old, however I don’t know much about the vintage patterns.  And each time I get them out I think of a new use for them: pillows, table runner, sewn onto a skirt, framed or perhaps even a quilt.   They each have a charm of their own and I couldn’t choose a favorite one if I had to.  Sometimes I’m drawn to the pastel calicoes of the first and fourth stars.  Then upon another look I love the last one  that is mostly blue with the red stripes thrown in.  Then again the third star is lovely with that big red flower fabric and navy floral.  Reminds me of men’s ties.

Which one do you like?






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2009 Kaneville Fest Craft Fair

So. . .the craft show. . .is over.  It was great fun meeting people who were sincerely interested in handmade things that are indeed unique and one of a kind.  I am especially appreciative of everyone who braved the cold and wind and came to see me, and of those who expressed their enthusiasm for original items.  And of course to those who purchased something.  Thank you, Thank you.  (That’s a lot of  “ands”)

Am I going to do another show?  Perhaps.  I have so many new ideas brewing, things I want to try, that I need a venue in which to sell so perhaps I will open a “shop” linked to this blog where people may purchase items.  In addition to journals and hairclips and greeting cards,  I also make jewlery and repurpose thrifted items into updated accessories.

It has long been my dream to simply “make and sell stuff”.    The blogs I have been reading for the past year and a half all have this in common, and with their inspiration, I shall give it a try.  Now that I have a bit more time to devote to creating, and this site with which to share the things I’ve made,  I hope to live this part of my dream.


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A Journal Update

These are a few of the designs that I have made for the upcoming craft show 08/29/-08/30 in Kaneville.

These are the journals covered with wallpaper.   I am still working on some more whimsical designs, (but I need to get lots more double stick tape!!)






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