Fun Fair Basket

This is the second year I have donated a collection of handmade goodness to the Freeman Elementary Fun Fair.  What a fun way to give back to the school I attended and that our daughter now attends.   The name of this collection is “Autumn Memories.”  Take a look at what I’ve created.

Here you see a sewn fabric bunting, perfect to decorate your mantle,

or to hang over a window.  Sorry the photo is dark but I think you get the idea.

Some candles for your table and a decorated box of matches,

Handmade cards to send Thanksgiving greetings,

A journal and photo album to record family memories,

A pretty photo frame,

And a little sign for your door or to add to a wreath.

This is basket #54 (Autumn Memories by PK Handmade) if you are purchasing raffle tickets.   The Freeman Fun Fair is the largest fund raiser for the school and there are some amazing baskets being offered again this year, so go ahead and buy a $1 ticket, you just may win!

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Sometimes It’s Just Fun To Color

Loving all the color-it-yourself crafty stuff for kids these days.  We bought these canvas pencil cases at Micheals but we’ve also seen backpacks, book covers, lunchboxes and a mom on the playground wearing a graphic black and white t-shirt who hoped her kids wouldn’t think to color it in.

To color these we used Sharpee markers.  First, though, we put the plastic wrapper the pencil case came in, inside to keep the marker from bleeding through and staining the other side.  These will be the perfect gift along with some fabric markers and a journal for all those girly birthday parties we have coming up.

Have a lovely weekend!

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I Do Make Things

You are probably wondering, where does the ‘handmade’ come into this blog?   So I shall share a birthday gift we made and gave to a seven year old girl recently.  This is a canvas tote onto which I sewed her initial cut from a vintage pillow case (ah, see, handmade and  vintage), added a piece of old lace, some buttons and a big bow in her favorite color.  So pretty.

Inside were more handmades: a journal, flowery pen, bracelet, hairclips.  And stickers, always stickers.  This bag is the perfect size for going to the library and bringing home your favorite summertime reads.  Or for carrying your journal and pen outside to sit under your favorite tree and write a bit.  Then hang it on your bedpost until you need it next.

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Happy May Day

Remember the days of making and delivering  May baskets?  Mine were most often made out of a (clean) plastic butter dish with ribbon handles tied to the sides and filled with whatever wild flowers were blooming in our yard, usually violets and dandelions.  Yes, weeds, but to a six year old they were/are beautiful and no one would get angry if you picked those.  Sometimes you were lucky enough to have lilacs blooming like this year.  And though the next-door-neighbors on either side knew who they were from, it still held a bit of magic when you’d hang it on their door, ring the bell and run home to peek out the window to see their face when they saw it.  Do you still do this, perhaps with your children?  I am thinking we will make and deliver a couple today.

I cannot even believe it is May and that Mother’s Day and graduations are just around the corner.  If you are in need of a gift, visit my shop (click on the link on my sidebar) and choose a handmade journal perfect for Mom, graduate, bride, or for recording your summer adventures.  There are also some lovely bracelets and hair clips, the perfect summer accessory.  And if I know you from the FES playground, I will hand deliver your purchase with a smile.  Thus, no shipping.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Some More Thoughts For Your Journal

Still thinking of my friend’s journal from the previous post and the questions she hoped her grandmother would write about.  Years ago I’d read in a booklet that contains just the kind of questions to ask, “Life’s most important lessons are carefully preserved in the human heart and mind.”  Jotted that down along with some of the most interesting questions.  Here are some of them.

*What special quality do you remember about your mother?  Father?

*Did you have any childhood collections?

*What kind of funny old wives tales did your elders try to teach you?

*As a child, how much did a loaf of bread, a candy bar, a gallon of gas each cost?

*What traditional events were held in your community when you were a child?

*What lessons did you learn from making a mistake as a child?

*What did your parents teach you without ever saying a word about it?

*Who taught you to spell your name?

*What fads did you participate in growing up?

I have a few more but I will save those for another post.  Wish I could remember from where I copied them because I am sure there are so many more good ones.

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Some Thoughts For Your Journal

A couple weeks ago a friend shared with me how she used her journal.  Last Christmas she gifted it to her grandmother along with a list of questions, simple things about memories of growing up, where she lived, favorite food, flower, book, song.  Many responses were just a couple of words, “Corn on the cob”, “All flowers”, “Book of Acts”, “Amazing Grace”. Very telling things about a generation that our children will only know through written and spoken history.


As I read the journal, with my friend’s permission to do so and to share some pages with you, I was so moved by the idea that, as her Grandmother wrote those 71 pages in the months before she passed away in February, she relived so many memories of her life.  Things she probably had not thought of in years, but with one question I imagine a whole flood of memories came forth.  Her responses became stories, in her own handwriting, narrating her life as she remembered it at 81 years of age.


There are memories of Christmas gifts, (“an apple, an orange, and a harmonica”),  harvest times, best little girlfriends.  Page 16 tells of a favorite climbing tree, (If you click on it you can read the whole story)  and page 18, of the outdoor shower her father made behind the farmhouse.  Memories of farm kitchens and orchards in summertime, parties, swimming  in the creek and camping trips.  Lovely thoughts of her lifetime.

old_journal_003My favorite though, are the words she used as she wrote page 71 to describe her first date with the man she would marry.  See if you can read them too.

old_journal_004My friend reads the journal to her three daughters before bed each night.  Such a treasure.  Thank you friend, for letting me share it here in this space.

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A Journal Update

These are a few of the designs that I have made for the upcoming craft show 08/29/-08/30 in Kaneville.

These are the journals covered with wallpaper.   I am still working on some more whimsical designs, (but I need to get lots more double stick tape!!)






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A Journal for your thoughts

One of my favorite things to make and give as gifts are journals.     I’ve given many to friends and always enjoy hearing how they choose to use theirs.  My favorite ideas are to use them not only as traditional record-your-thoughts journals, but also as prayer journals, gift records (both giving and receiving), diet and exercise journals,  book club journals or as a place for your kids to practice writing, draw or just doodle, (remember to date those doodles).

And now I plan to have them at the craft show as well.    The exterior of each is covered in wallpaper, not necessarily a vintage paper, but pretty none the less, and hopefully different from all the scrapbooking papers we all see.  My favorite is a vintage yellow and white damask print paper that is quite old.  The inside front and back cover will have a coordinating acid-free paper.  The front will have a ribbon along the left seam and each will be signed by me.


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