Happy November

Hard to believe we are here already.  Happens every year though, doesn’t it?  October was lovely.  Many nice days to spend outdoors.  Here is how we spent some of ours.

Some evenings were spent outdoors too.  Wish I could say those are the beautiful stars on this clear, crisp night, but alas, it is a dusty camera lens.

Same night, same corn field, with an amazingly huge corn maze.  P and I made it out just as the night came.  I would not have wanted to have been in the middle of this as the darkness settled.  Some where behind us are the boy cousins and their uncle, lost in the maze for at least another twenty minutes.  Remember, no flashlights allowed.

So much to enjoy from nature.

And a Saturday afternoon discovering a new source for crafty endeavors.  Now I can make more wooly acorns.

Beautiful color in early October.

And the same tree this past Sunday.

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I Do Make Things

You are probably wondering, where does the ‘handmade’ come into this blog?   So I shall share a birthday gift we made and gave to a seven year old girl recently.  This is a canvas tote onto which I sewed her initial cut from a vintage pillow case (ah, see, handmade and  vintage), added a piece of old lace, some buttons and a big bow in her favorite color.  So pretty.

Inside were more handmades: a journal, flowery pen, bracelet, hairclips.  And stickers, always stickers.  This bag is the perfect size for going to the library and bringing home your favorite summertime reads.  Or for carrying your journal and pen outside to sit under your favorite tree and write a bit.  Then hang it on your bedpost until you need it next.

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Maple Seeds



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Apple Disaster !!

Last weekend after the Kaneville Fest Craft Show, we stopped at the in-laws AKA “The Farm”.  We sadly discovered that a large branch of an apple tree had broken off.  There was not a storm recently so perhaps just the weight on an old limb was too much.  Farm Pop Pop has a cider press that has been in his family for over 100 years and this tree supplied some of the apples for it.  There will be another post about the cider press when it comes time to make this fall’s cider!!

Damaged Apple Tree

Damaged Apple Tree

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