Good News from the Doctor

A month has passed since my unfortunate twirling accident and doc says my arm has healed nicely, just as she’d hoped it would.  That’s a relief because after falling a week ago on a terribly icy morning after taking our daughter to school, it was swollen and sore.  So afraid the doctor would say I’d need a cast after all just to make sure it would heal.  But alas I’ve been cleared to use it within reason.  I won’t be doing pushups any time soon.  And though I’m a lefty, I do nearly everything else with my right arm.  It sure is nice to do some of the things that just feel better done with a certain arm like opening doors, turning a key, shifting the car into gear, pouring my coffee.  It should take a couple more months before it feels completely normal and before I will be able to straighten it.    I do have goals though that would be reasonable to acheive gradually, like getting back to pilates class, and rock climbing and I would love to try a zip-line.

And guess what, it’s snowing today.  Think I’ll rest it a bit longer.

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Vertical Endeavors / Morton Arboretum

The one trip we took last week while on vacation was first to Vertical Endeavors to do some wall climbing.  We had been before, but this time we took our six year old.  Little “P”  did really well and surely climbed higher than the yellow butterfly that  I struggled to reach.   I suspect she was helped out by the fact that she only weighs forty pounds and the auto belay pretty much gave her “zero gravity” !!  But she had a lot of fun and was very brave going up as far as she did.  She already would like to go back soon.




After the climbing, we made the short trip to The Morton Arboretum.  It was a very nice early fall day to go and since it seemed only her district was off of school she had the Children’s Garden to herself.   A big thanks to my mother-in-law for giving us a membership to the Arboretum.  It was not that long ago (slipping into a Grandpa Simpson moment here) when you could take a whole carload of people into the Arboretum for $8.00.  Now, it’s $11.00 for each adult !!!  It’s nice to have the membership so we can make quick trips there (just to have lunch sometimes) and not have to spend the whole day to get our $11.00 worth.

Enjoy the photos of our visit.