Pesto to Be !

And it be done.

Last Friday I took the day to make use of the abundance that our garden has suddenly decided to produce after much patient waiting.  After a couple days of warmth the basil looks like a shrub.  And since you know how I feel about the price of a few leaves of basil during the winter,  I decided to freeze some, simply pureed, frozen in ice cube trays and then wrapped individually in waxed paper.  Hopefully this will be just what my pizza needs in January to remind me of warmer days.  After all, my preferred toppings are simply garlic, tomato, mozz and basil.  Did the same freezing technique with pesto too.

Then I made tomato sauce.  Can’t give you a recipe or technique though because I used parts of recipes from several sources.   I think it turned out  the way I’d hoped.  Froze that too.  I really have never cared for commercial tomato sauces so I would be grateful if anyone has a homemade recipe they could share.


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