Late Summer At the Farm

We all know it’s coming, we can feel it.  And though we haven’t had that first frost, there is a definite change in the air.  Out here, in the country, just 14 miles west from our home, the scent of burning leaves has already permeated this Sunday afternoon’s air.  Really, doesn’t everyone like just a touch of that smell?  Just a touch?  Though the trees haven’t begun to turn, you can just tell the trees are ready for their annual show.  What kind of color will this summer have produced?  I can’t wait!

There are just a few daylilies left in bloom, like these four.

Our favorite afternoon activity, swinging in the 100+ year old trees.  There are 13 different places to swing, or hang upside down, and endless chances for trees climbing,

Some hidden surprises if you know where to look.  These tasted just like grape juice.

And by mid-afternoon the shadows have grown long.

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Late Summer Harvest

A day spent at my in-laws home in the country seeing what is nearly ready to be picked.  These apples will be used when we make cider.

Grapes so pretty on the vine with the sunlight glowing through.

Gourds for decorating.  Later in the fall we stomp on the few dried unpicked gourds that hid amongst the vines, releasing the seeds so more grow next year.

And of course there are the edibles, ready right now.

But where are the potatoes we dug?  Somehow I forgot to photograph them.  They were the reason we ventured into the garden in the first place on this day and discovered everything else that was ready for harvest.

This is about as local as it gets.  And how delicious is a freshly dug potato, buttery and not at all chalky.  We ate ours mashed with a little buttermilk and another batch diced and sauteed in a little butter.  Again, no photo.  But when I make potato chips, I’ll be sure to show you.  They are sooooo good.

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Growing Place

Yes, another garden inspired field trip, this time to the Growing  Place in Montgomery.  More cool ideas for your, or my,  garden.  Here, and old window painted bright green is framed between fence posts and mounted with a planter box overflowing with succulents.  What a great garden-room divider.

Loved these rusty iron “branches” strung with colored crystal (plastic) beads.  They bob and sway when the wind blows and catch the light.

P loved the fairy gardens so we will have to make one.

More rusty iron, this time mounted on a barnwood door.

And a very cool laser cut spade.

Think I shall work in our garden a bit now that the weather is more comfortable.  Enjoy your day.

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“Crick Walk”

This is the property where my husband grew up.  His parents still live there.  It has been in the family for many, many years.  About 14 miles from our home, it is also our favorite escape, to visit family, see the beautiful gardens they have planted over the years, eat a delicious pie baked by my mother-in-law, swing under the giant trees and, of course, go for a crick walk.

So very pretty and peaceful.  Lately, in our Midwest summer humidity, just as you walk up to this point, hundreds of tiny frogs jump with a little “peep” from the warm edges back into the water.  Click on the photo below.

O, hello little peeper.

When P was littler (she’s still little), we used to float a pine cone in the crick, chasing it with a stick (remember the game Winnie the Pooh used to play?), until it went under the bridge by the “big road” and then I’d tell her it was on it’s way to China.  We’d wave goodbye and go find another pine cone or piece of bark and start all over again.

The perfect tree for swinging.

Poppies and irises in the spring and grape vines yet to grow.

Plenty of footbridges to cross over and back.

My mother-in-law’s favorite, star-gazer lily.  Get a little closer.  There.  Can you smell the intoxicating scent now?

Native black-eyed Susans and purple cone flowers line the road in welcome.

Daylilies everywhere.  These are especially pretty against the rustic grey barn wood of the chicken coop.

Can you see them?  Tiny blueberries, my very favorite.  The whole family knows this, so when these disappear, and there aren’t very many yet as these are new bushes, they know who the culprit is.

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Last Sunday Morning’s Flowers

Rock climbing was such fun.  Injury free.  Photos soon.

I just have to mention that the flower photos posted a couple days ago by my husband are just so beautiful, some of the prettiest he’s ever taken.  Of course I like the close up detail of dew drops and the subtle feathering of color on a tulip petal.  The first photo is a  bluey-green hand blown glass ball hanging amongst the daylilies. Go see for yourself though.  Double click on each image to see the detail.  I think these are breathtaking.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Vacation Plans

The husband will be taking next week off and we have a few plans:

Get the tires rotated on the truck

Go to a Thai restaurant

Indoor wall climbing again (with our six year old)

The Morton Arboretum (after wall climbing)

GARAGE SALE (also known as “get that junk out of the garage day”)

Miscellaneous gardening tasks as needed


This is what passes for excitement as you grow older.

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The air has changed

So did the calendar page.  I know it’s probably mostly a subconcious sort of thing now that school has started and it’s officially September, but the air smells like fall.  Suddenly the days are shorter, the mornings are dewey-er, and the trees are changing.  The squirrels have knocked off nearly every acorn from our tree in the front yard, (do they know something about the coming winter?), leaving so many of them on the ground that my husband actually had to shovel them off the sidewalk.  And the tomatoes I’ve so patiently waited for are just not turning red.  With the cold nights lately, I’ve decided to harvest all the basil before a surprise frost.  Yesterday I made pesto to freeze as well as plain pureed leaves to add to recipes.  I will not pay $4.00 for 12 basil leaves in December!

I am anxious to put up fall decorations though and, dare I say it, start planning the gifts I wish to make for Christmas this year.  Time also to find that recipe for pumpkin cookies.  Oooh, and Ina’s Roasted Butternut Squash.   Yes, a little heat from the oven to nicely warm the house a bit.

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