More Thrifted Sparkles

These came from the one of the very few garage sales I went to this summer.  Really, I love a good garage sale but this year I maybe went to five, and then I didn’t buy anything at most of those.  But I went to a sale at this lady’s house a couple years ago and remembered coming away with another handful of treasures like those above, most having found new life in some project.  And again these will be used in jewelry projects and on Christmas ornaments and packaging.  And the little yellow  Italian millefiore piece will probably be worn by me.  All this was less than three dollars because I remember that was all I had with me.  In the end, the lady just started adding pieces to my bag  just to be rid of them.  Happy, happy me!

Hold onto your hat today!

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Vacation Plans

The husband will be taking next week off and we have a few plans:

Get the tires rotated on the truck

Go to a Thai restaurant

Indoor wall climbing again (with our six year old)

The Morton Arboretum (after wall climbing)

GARAGE SALE (also known as “get that junk out of the garage day”)

Miscellaneous gardening tasks as needed


This is what passes for excitement as you grow older.

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