Christmas At Our House {4}

Christmas cheer on a kitchen shelf along with old tin ceiling tiles, French mustard crocks and juniper berries.

Happy day before the day before!

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Christmas At Our House {2}


A cheerful kitchen windowsill with a collection of old, very old bottles, a chippy santa mug, vintage (there’s that word again) santa candy mold and, of course, my handmade candy cane ornament.  You can make one too, there is still time.

I bought these chenille stems at Hobby Lobby as is.  They were with the Christmas crafts and may be sold out but you can twist red and white ones together yourself.  Get the extra fluffly chenille stems.  They just look better for this project.

I gave mine a tea bath overnight to give them that “vintage” look.  See the difference?  Then you can tumble them in the dryer (by themselves so they don’t get all bent), for a few minutes to dry and fluff them.  It really doesn’t take long.  Or you can air dry them, which does take a while, and fluff them by hand too.  I’ve done it both ways, the dryer is easier.

Cut each stem in half, curl the end to make the cane shape.  You can use the mouth of a bottle as a form to wrap the end around so they are all uniform and you aren’t forever fiddling with the shape, because you know you will.

Overlap two canes, put a dab of glue between them to hold them together.  Let that dry and tie with a red bow.  And if you’d like, brush the tops with glue and sprinkle with glitter.  I used Martha Stewart’s “Snow” glitter.  It really is flakey and sparkly, just like last night’s snow.

Below you can see my inspiration, a very old and brittle ornament from an estate sale.

Now, what to do with all these little lovelies.  Hang them on the tree, or a cabinet knob, or a wreath.  Display them in your chippy santa mug or an apothecary jar.  Layer them in a bowl with starfish, tie them onto gifts, give them as holiday party favors.  Put several in a clear bag, tie with a bow and give as a hostess gift.  Print out the Legend of the Candy Cane, attach the ornament and give that as a gift.

Or leave one in an unexpected place to give a little holiday cheer.

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Christmas At Our House {1}


I love starfish and use them year round, in bowls, perched on piture frames, propped on window ledges.  Add a vintage looking, but made yesterday, candy cane ornament and they become holiday festive.

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Pretty Shelf Redo

Okay, Okay!  No more posts, for a while at least, with the month name in the title.  So perhaps just a random photo today.  This shelf is in our bathroom and I saw a photo somewhere, online or in a magazine, that inspired me to change out what had been there to this.  Apothecary jar of soaps, tins holding misc. bathroomy stuff, bamboo that has finally found a happy home in the humidity here and is reaching toward the ceiling,  old empty frame.  And of course, a pretty candle.



Happy Tuesday!

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Needle Felted Autumn

Thought I would share some photos of the pretty shelf my mother-in-law recently purchased and hung in her dining room.  She saw it in an antique shop and knew it would be perfect for this collection of china.  (Click to enlarge the photo.)  These very few pieces were her grandmother’s and now have a perfect place to be appreciated.


After one of our fun Saturdays spent running around the countryside, trying to find a certain barn sale, which we never found, and a quick apple cider donut at an orchard, we stopped at Esther’s Place in Big Rock.    She waited in the car with P, who had fallen asleep, while I poked my head in.  But I knew they both would enjoy it as well, and before we knew it an hour had passed.  After I narrowed my choices down to four balls of wool (all in shades of green), we arrived home and decorated the shelf with the little pumpkins we bought at the orchard.



I thought the shelf could use some needle felted acorns (with real acorn hats) and pumpkins, so I made more and delivered them to her the next day.



A fun reminder of the day.


Happy Friday!

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Autumn Decorating

Just a few touches of Autumn decorating in our home so far.  I don’t have too much Halloween decor, no scarecrows on my porch or bones strewn about the yard (Hi Michelle).  I will be happy if we carve a pumpkin this year.  And inside, there’s more a feeling of fall and harvest and handmade, so I thought I’d share a few pictures of how I welcome this season.


Hydrangeas in my thrifted white pottery (this is just a tiny portion of that collection).  The little black crow is from the dollar store but needed something so he got a diamond brooch and bow tie.  This pumpkin is also from the dollar store and is decoupaged with old yellowed book pages and perched atop a wood candlestick.



Think he looks better here.




Our mantle complete with twinkle lights, for added twinkle of course, more white pottery, hydrangeas,  and another crow.  This one is tin and came from Restoration Hardware many years ago.


I bought that picture at a garage sale for two dollars with the intent of painting the frame black and adding a mirror but that hasn’t happened yet.  And it may not  because this has kind of grown on me.


I like birds in decorating though I would never have a pet bird.  And though crows usually seem rather ominous and foreboding, mine are welcoming and friendly, right?   At least they don’t make that annoying “caw caw” noise and land in the street to eat. . .whatever is there, or fly at your head.



How do you decorate for Autumn?

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Peeks of Home

This armoire is in the corner of our dining room.  For a long time these vintage suitcases lived there, hiding seasonal decor when not in use.  Great repurposing, huh?  Great, until one day when I just got tired of seeing them there, tall dark and a little foreboding in the corner.

So I changed things out to this  in the spring.  A little airier I thought at the time.  Didn’t stay this was for long.  One thing I need to learn is not to use everything and fill every space.  Simplified and breathing room are good.

Then it became this over the summer.  A little better.

And now we are here.

I love creating these little vignettes around our home with my thrifted and found treasures.  And it is expecially fun when I see something in a certain home decor catalogue and can recreate that feel at home with what I already have.  Or maybe I’ve already done something and then the catalogue arrives and I can see I’ve “done it right”.

Next week I hope to show you the brass lamp I refinished and how Autumn has arrived at our home.  So please some back!

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