Christmas At Our House {1}


I love starfish and use them year round, in bowls, perched on piture frames, propped on window ledges.  Add a vintage looking, but made yesterday, candy cane ornament and they become holiday festive.

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First Snow

Just a light dusting really.

Enough to remind us of garden colors and textures long hidden during the growing season.

A message to a few still growing herbs that winter is coming.  It was . . .


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November Blooms

I cannot believe these beautiful days that just keep coming.  And though last Friday it was pretty cold on the playground after school, the sun was shining and that makes all the difference.  It is November and I suspect those raw, damp, dark days will arrive sooner than later, we’ve all been enjoying the gift these days have been.


So of course I spent some time outside, walking about enjoying whatever caught my eye.  The leaves are for the most part, on the ground, and those are beautiful too, it was the berries on this day that were in abundance.  This first picture was taken in our backyard of a porcelain berry vine.  The berries don’t stay this color for long but I think they are just so beautiful.  Some are a delicate blue,

and some are a deep, rich purple while others are green.    They don’t last long, between the birds finding them and the threat of a hard frost which turns the leaves brown and shrivels the berries.

These next photos were taken at the farm, all on the same day.  I don’t know what the first two trees are but they grow right next to each other.    I noticed some little bird’s nests in nearby trees now that the leaves are gone, so these must be a favorite treat.


This orange berried bush is pyracantha, or Fire Thorn.  It is growing here in a great tangle so I didn’t get too close but it is so pretty hanging in dense bunches against bare branches, and thorns.  Did I mention the thorns?

This last photo is a variety of cranberry bush (though not edible to us) and again the berries don’t last long once the birds discover them.

That is all this Monday morning.  Enjoy this lovely weather to start the week!

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Happy November

Hard to believe we are here already.  Happens every year though, doesn’t it?  October was lovely.  Many nice days to spend outdoors.  Here is how we spent some of ours.

Some evenings were spent outdoors too.  Wish I could say those are the beautiful stars on this clear, crisp night, but alas, it is a dusty camera lens.

Same night, same corn field, with an amazingly huge corn maze.  P and I made it out just as the night came.  I would not have wanted to have been in the middle of this as the darkness settled.  Some where behind us are the boy cousins and their uncle, lost in the maze for at least another twenty minutes.  Remember, no flashlights allowed.

So much to enjoy from nature.

And a Saturday afternoon discovering a new source for crafty endeavors.  Now I can make more wooly acorns.

Beautiful color in early October.

And the same tree this past Sunday.

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Last Weekend’s Leaves


Though I know there have been a lot of photos of pretty fall leaves out there lately, I had to share mine, especially now that most of them have been blown off the trees in the wind storm.


Just standing on the ground looking up does not capture how beautiful and tall these trees are.



These are all at the farm and are old and majestic.  There are places for seventeen people to swing at one time, if they wanted.  We have spent countless hours swinging.  Some of them are good for climbing too.  Every time we get a big wind storm like yesterday, I think of those trees standing strong, hoping none of them topple.



Had to photograph this Burning Bush too.


Just beautiful.

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