Winter Wishes


Best wishes for a blessed and happy New Year!!

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Christmas At Our House {5}


Merry Christmas!

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Christmas At Our House {4}

Christmas cheer on a kitchen shelf along with old tin ceiling tiles, French mustard crocks and juniper berries.

Happy day before the day before!

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Christmas At Our House {3}


Our Christmas mantle, twinkle lights, greenery, starfish, and paperwhites.

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Christmas In Kaneville

This is the weekend, Saturday, December 4th,  for the village’s annual celebration which includes a bake sale, horse drawn wagon rides and of course a craft sale.  I will be there, in the Community Center, just look for my “Handmade” bunting.  If you want a sneak peek at what I will bring this year, go back a couple posts to see what was at my Open House.  I will also have some new things that weren’t there.  Gotta keep things exciting and fresh you know!

Also  available  will be the book my husband researched and self-published.  It is a gathering of Kaneville news from the years 1900-1904 from the then titled,  Aurora Daily Beacon.

It contains weekly news, over those four years, of daily life in Kaneville.   I am sure that you will recognize names and stories and events, some which have probably passed into the folklore of the town.  History, development, change and growth are all here.   And now, 110 years later, you may find that maybe a few things haven’t changed.

Had to put down my crochet.  There is news of birth and death, illnesses we don’t see anymore, barn dances and farm injuries.  Talk of church services attended, oyster suppers, gatherings to play carom, the price of butterine,  the proud decoration of houses, descriptions of the earliest Decoration Day gatherings.  One of my favorite entries is of a gentleman who ” has an elegant new engine and it is currently reported he loves it almost as well as his wife.  It has a bell, a fierce whistle, a cab, a place for a bed and many other wonderful things for a steam thresher engine to have.”  If you’ve been reading here a while you know my fascination with these old steam engines.

Now I need a cup of coffee because I may be here a while.  The language is charming.  For “no one needed to complain of ennui or monotony for want of a place to go on Monday night.”  Oooh, now I want to know what they did and where they went, on Monday night.  The news and events and weather reports are poignant.  Names are familiar.  Places ring a bell though many no longer exist, but I’ve heard the stories.

Kaneville, 1900-1904, (151 pages), will be available for sale as bound copy at my PK Handmade table this Saturday.  It would make a  great gift or conversation starter for your family gatherings this holiday season.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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Of  Thanksgiving Blessings to you!

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