Today’s Reading Material

This stack has been collecting and waiting for someone to have a free moment to catch a breath, make a cup of coffee, grab a piece of yummy shortbread from a cookie exchange and sit down.  Not at the sewing machine, or work table, or ironing board, for I have become quite familiar with those places over the last three months.  But actually in a comfy chair and look, however briefly, at some holiday inspiration.

And just as school is winding down for this calendar year, our personal calendar is filling up with church choir rehersals, a Christmas Tea party, gingerbread house decorating with cousins, plans for indoor rock climbing and mini golf, and surely some crafting and sledding.  Ooooh, and some more baking.


What are your holiday plans?


Happy Friday!

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Another Beautiful Weekend At The Farm

Think I snapped about 240 photos this past weekend at the farm.  So many pretty things just beginning their show.  And while I love a pretty flower garden, I have been drawn to the structural parts of the garden lately.  The rustling grasses that were so lush and full all summer and stood by while the flowers got their attention, are now the focus.




When the sun shines just so, they are truly beautiful, golden and crackley in a gentle breeze.



And some of them have grown very, very tall.   The grasses that is.




The branches of this bush-like tree is a natural trellis for fall gourds to grow up.  We couldn’t really see that they were even there until the leaves began falling a couple weeks ago.    When the gourds dry up we stomp them to release the seeds back into the ground to ensure more grow next year.



They hang like Christmas ornaments.  Some are so high they can’t be reached.  But that’s ok.  They will become ornaments when the season changes.



This very heavy, bumply gourd (though it may be a squash) was not hanging in the tree.  Now it is decorating the porch.




Happy, happy Wednesday!


(Ok M, how many super-speller words did I use today?)

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My Favorite Blues

Scrolled through photos this week and pulled together some pretty pictures just because.  Though blue is not my favorite color, these are some blues I do so love.

A teeny robin’s egg hatched and discovered in our garden.

This summertime sky.  I am sure you’ve seen it too.

My collection of small vintage bowls.

And my very favorite blue of all.  Fresh, frozen and eaten like candy, or baked in a pie, it doesn’t matter, blueberries are the perfect shade of blue.

Have a lovely day!

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