Bunco For Breast Cancer

Last night I attended this amazing annual fund-raiser for breast cancer research.  My mother-in-law has treated us, (this year our group consisted of one of her daughters and three daughters-in-law) to this evening out for the last four years  and it has become an evening I look forward to each October.  Thank you S!  Last night, in a room full of pink shirts, pink hair, and pink cupcakes, about 150 women played bunco, listened to stories of survival and loss, remembered those no longer with us, ate and so generously gave their time and money for this cause.   And after all the fun came the raffles.

Now, I usually never win, anything, even when everyone is guaranteed at least a door prize.  I have a long history of not winning.  But this year made up for it.  I won two raffles!

First, I won a beautiful planter and a gift card from Blumen Gardens in Sycamore.    Isn’t it lovely?  Everyone in our group even said it is so me.  (Of course I did drop several tickets in the bag hoping to increase my odds.  It worked!)  I was thrilled and can not wait to visit and shop.  Thank you Blumen Gardens!

Shortly after that they called my name again and this time I won this beautiful handmade necklace.  (Again I dropped several tickets in the bucket hoping to win.  Guess it worked again.)

It is a lovely soldered image of a bird, made by Kathy Semrick of Handcrafted from the Heart.  The box is beautiful too.  And I have to say I think I squealed in front of all those women to see I’d won this too!

This more than made up for a long string of not winning.  But more important than bringing home a prize is that 100% of the money raised at the event through donations, entrance fees, and the purchase of raffle tickets, goes directly to breast cancer research.

And look at the sweet little heart cookie I brought home for my daughter.

Oh wait, that’s not a heart.  It took me a while.  Just darling, though to my seven year old, it can be a beautiful little heart.

Have a lovely weekend!


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