Real Cornmeal


Above is the 3 pound bag of stone ground cornmeal we bought at the Sycamore Threshing Show in August.  (Behind the bag, on our kitchen wall is a framed poster from a Dale Chihuly show.  I know, not the best picture, kind of confusing.)  We have also bought their whole wheat flour but this trip, this is what I wanted.  It is so much better than those little 59 cent boxes that I’ve always bought at the grocery store, though they can be convenient.



The first thing I made was the Cheddar Corn Spoon Bread from Everyday Food Fresh Flavor Fast.   Mmmmm. . .not so good.  Don’t know why except that my brother-in-law used to make this and his was so good and I was hoping this would taste like his, but it just didn’t taste like anything, really.  It’s a food memory thing I guess, associated with the person who made it and the family gathering he always made it for, and the fact that he was a great cook, and it was a good recipe.


Then last week, I followed the recipe attached to the bag and made the best corn bread.  And really there was not that much more involved than with the boxed version.  It was dense and cakey just the way I like it.  There was none of that too sweet, gritty, dry feeling in my mouth that I get from the boxed version.  Do you know what I mean?  Does anyone else get that weird feeling on the roof of their mouth when eating boxed corn bread or is it just me?


So now I have quite a list of recipes to try.  Do you have any favorites to share?

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  1. I remember that Claire brought some for Thanksgiving dinner one year and it was the best corn bread I had had in years. I got her reciepe for it and tried it but didn’t think mine turned out as good as hers. Haven’t tried it since. I used to use it on the Pizza pan so the dough wouldn’t stick. It worked fine. That was Brians trick when making homemade pizza crust.

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