The Yarn Bag

Every January I make a list of very modest goals I hope to achieve in the coming year.  Last year I did pretty well.  On the list this year is to learn to crochet because I so want to make many of the cool things I’ve seen around the blog world (fingerless gloves, granny squares, scarves and so much more).

The last time mom and dad had a garage sale my mom decided to part with her stash of wool spools and wooden beads, patterns from when she used to make clothes for me as a child,  felt from craft projects long passed.  We traded for a year’s worth of handmade greeting cards, though I did let the wooden beads slip away.  And may I just say that old craft felt is so much better than the stuff that is out there now.  The colors were amazing and it was even thicker.  Projects to come.

Back to the wool yarn.  There used to be an amazing yarn shop just around the corner from where we live, long since gone, that stocked much of what mom used for her projects.  Many she gave as gifts, others she sold at craft shows.  Hmm, this apple really didn’t fall far.  I remember going in that shop with her and thinking, some day when I’m all grown up I will shop at cool yarn shops and fabric shops and because I will be an adult, I will magically know what to do with it all.  As a kid my purchases leaned more toward Mrs. Grossman’s stickers and paper-by-the-pound (remember that stuff?)

This is the stash, in a shopping bag from about 1979 or there abouts, when THE MALL opened in our area.  That thing looked like a flying saucer landed in a field surrounded by these eerie tall parking lot lights.  As we drove over the hill and first saw the thing, that was what was fresh in our minds, a “Close Encounter”.  The mall had such lovely stores like Marshall Fields and Lord and Taylor, with the creakiest parquet floor, and Scandinavian Design.  Of course the mall area has changed immensely, but it used to be cool to say you were going to the mall.  Now I avoid it at all costs.  (I’d rather go to the thrift store!)  And that cute little Fox in the jaunty red hunting suit isn’t even around anymore.

So here’s the stash of wool.  Think I’ll start with the other stuff below.

What should I make first?

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