Some Thoughts For Your Journal

A couple weeks ago a friend shared with me how she used her journal.  Last Christmas she gifted it to her grandmother along with a list of questions, simple things about memories of growing up, where she lived, favorite food, flower, book, song.  Many responses were just a couple of words, “Corn on the cob”, “All flowers”, “Book of Acts”, “Amazing Grace”. Very telling things about a generation that our children will only know through written and spoken history.


As I read the journal, with my friend’s permission to do so and to share some pages with you, I was so moved by the idea that, as her Grandmother wrote those 71 pages in the months before she passed away in February, she relived so many memories of her life.  Things she probably had not thought of in years, but with one question I imagine a whole flood of memories came forth.  Her responses became stories, in her own handwriting, narrating her life as she remembered it at 81 years of age.


There are memories of Christmas gifts, (“an apple, an orange, and a harmonica”),  harvest times, best little girlfriends.  Page 16 tells of a favorite climbing tree, (If you click on it you can read the whole story)  and page 18, of the outdoor shower her father made behind the farmhouse.  Memories of farm kitchens and orchards in summertime, parties, swimming  in the creek and camping trips.  Lovely thoughts of her lifetime.

old_journal_003My favorite though, are the words she used as she wrote page 71 to describe her first date with the man she would marry.  See if you can read them too.

old_journal_004My friend reads the journal to her three daughters before bed each night.  Such a treasure.  Thank you friend, for letting me share it here in this space.

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  1. I’m a journaler for decades, and a strong believer that EVERYONE should keep some type of record of themselves for family to have later.

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