One bad apple

I am craving apples, Granny Smiths being my favorite.  So, you say, go to the store.  And yes that would and should be a logical course of action.   The last time I bought apples, perhaps in the spring, there was a true bad apple in the bunch, you know the kind, all mealy like I imagine styrofoam might be, and that just spoils my enthusiasm for apples for a while.  And thankfully a new season has arrived and there are new seasonal fruits to enjoy like peaches, (oh the peaches!), and blueberries.

But I am ready for the apples.

When our daughter was two we attended an early learning play group.  During one of our “lessons” the leader had plastic fruits and veggies out as a learning tool including a red apple and a green apple.  The teacher tried to engage Little P in naming the fruits, and when she held up the red apple and named the fruit, my daughter looked confused, reached for the green apple and simply said, ” apple”.  In her two year old mind, apples were only green.  Granny Smiths were the apples she first tried and still prefers.  Me too.

Bring on the apples.  (And apple cider,  and French Apple Tart)

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